I’m Not Crazy! I’m Creative.

Somewhere along the line, something happens to a writer who spends entirely way too much time conversing with their own fictional characters.  To outsiders – those non-writers – this probably looks a lot like a case of split-personality disorder.  They simply cannot grasp the idea that fictional characters can run away with themselves, forming personalities all their own, beyond the control of their creators – (Not that we don’t often let go of the leash out of blatant curiosity, even thrilled anticipation, as to where they’ll lead us next) – but that’s beside the point!

We all know that the most creative minds have delicate egos that need constant nourishment and bruise easily…guilty!  What about being able to just ramble on about your characters as if they’re real people doing real things and actually having someone say “Oh! I know! That’s exactly what (insert character name here) does!”?

True, honest-to-goodness understanding from someone who delights – and suffers – in the same glorious, fractured personality state that you do?  Now, that sounds like a little slice of bliss. 

Not too much, though.  We creative types are also extremely territorial and you know what they say about excessive goodness…its just not natural.

And its kinda creepy.

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