Oh, the controversy that is Erotica

Classically, erotica could only be pulled off by the best of authors, because it was everything that wasn’t said.  It was the tease of those subtle details.  Sex wasn’t graphically described, it was merely implied in ways that for some, is far more erotic than a smut magazine.  It was the difference between burlesque and stripping.  Classy vs. raunchy.

We’ve come quite a ways from that era, but some things still hold steady.  Literature is still a highly sought after form of entertainment, of learning and escaping, sharing and exploring.  It is also still a subject of great discussion.  I never gave much thought as to why I write the way that I do.  I write what I like to read and in the way that comes naturally for me.  I can’t speak for other authors, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they said something similar.  I, personally, like my books the same way I like my movies.  Don’t skimp out on the details!  If there’s war, I want to see the blood.  I want to hear the screaming, the metal clanking, the sweat pouring down dirty, blood stained faces.  If there’s sex… well, you get the picture.

The controversy over the entire genre of ‘erotica’, however, is the questionable quality of the material you are paying to read.  Is it just trash?  Is this the raunchy, when I’d rather have the classy?  Can erotica be literature?  Can it have a deep, complex and meaningful plot with completely fleshed out characters you instantly love, hate or relate to, when the sex scenes are so graphically detailed???

Hell yes – on all accounts.  Just as with any genre, there are good books and there are bad books.  If you want all of the hot, sensual details to be included in your book but steer clear of buying erotica, because you’ve ‘heard’ that its ‘trash’ or because you, yourself have only read a few ‘trashy’ selections, keep shopping.  You would be surprised at how many superbly written erotica novels are out there.  How many famous erotica authors there are – and I don’t mean famous merely because they’re in the media spotlight!  I’m referring to authors who are held in very high esteem within the entire literary community.

Haven’t you ever watched a movie and absolutely loved it, only to find out that it got the worst reviews in history from all of the critics out there?  Erotica is no different.  Literature is no different.  Decide for yourself.  Watch the critically unclaimed movies, read the books no one has ever heard of.  Porno’s can have plots!!

Alright…fine, at least in the written word, they can.

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