Dissecting Demons

Creatively, of course…

Fountain pen image: dribble.com
Fountain pen image: dribble.com

Currently, I’m methodically exploring the inner workings of two of my favorite demons: Dmitri and Sebastian (aka The Sadistic Bastard and The Golden God of Temptation).  I actually finished a short, extremely diluted version of their story about two years ago to submit to a publisher – who shall not be named (no trash-talking here) – for one of their novella collections.  Since it was rejected – much to my unfathomable relief (I know, weird, huh?) – I now have the opportunity to dig into my demons’ brains and find all of the really gritty, devious stuff.  Dissect and then saturate!  That’s my motto.

Now that I have 75,000 more words at my disposal, things are looking up.  Yes, this is the reason why I’m one of the few writers not partaking in the NaNoWriMo this lovely November.  50,000 words?  That’s it?  My problem is keeping novels under 100,000 words!  Ladies and gentleman, I have a confession: I don’t do short stories (hence my before mentioned relief).  I’m sure one of these days, I’ll be forced to eat those words.  Especially if the Instigator has any say in it, but for right now, this is a truth that I have come to accept.  I’m not really that upset about it.  I happen to like full-length novels, both in writing and reading them.  Short stories always leave me feeling like I was gypped of something.  When it comes to writing, well, I just can’t stop the vines from unraveling, spreading out to ensnare deeper meanings, clarifying pasts and creating unexpected plot twists – even for me!

scalpel image: liveauctioneers.com
scalpel image: liveauctioneers

I’ve had a few inconsequential sub-characters evolve into lime-lighters because of this, which turned out for the better, in my opinion.  But then, I’m a writer, so I always have an opinion. Now…back to the lobotomizing.

Has anyone else ever noticed how the older scalpels look eerily similar to a fountain pen?

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