Enter the Prey…


Excerpts subject to change, without notice, at the crazy author’s discretion:

“What do you want?” Sahara shot stupidly, a knee-jerk reaction uttered in self-defense.
Grinning, he took his time looking back up at her from under thick lashes.  “Is there a limit?” He countered, his rich voice sending naughty shivers down her spine.
“For you?” Sahara breathed.  “Consider this passed it.”
With a dark chuckle, he casually brushed the curls from her shoulder, before gripping the back of her neck confidently and pulling her closer.  Fingertips prodded the base of her skull forward, until he could gently tease the side of her cheek and temple with just the tip of his nose.  Cinnamon spiced breath fluttered over Sahara’s mouth, triggering saliva’s slow drip along her tongue.  Then he audibly inhaled her, and Sahara’s flesh shimmered to life.  Her knees nearly buckled.
“Mmm,” He practically purred against her skin.  “My friend might enjoy mind-fucking you from across the room, but rest assured, my sweet little hybrid, I never pussy-foot around what I want.  I just take it.”
“I’m not afraid of you,” Sahara lied outright.  Fear whipped through her entire body with terrifying clarity.
“We all make mistakes,” He shrugged…

Yes, I am one of those authors that loves switching POV’s.  I like giving my readers the opportunity to crawl into all of the main character’s heads and explore the unfolding story from their distinct perspectives.  My heroines always keep their villainous heroes scrambling for purchase in their pursuit of love, claiming, branding, dominating (call it what you will) making one wonder just which character is the hunter and which is really the prey(?).

Dmitri and Sebastian are beyond handfuls when it comes to powerful invaders on the senses, but Sahara is one tough little cookie and I’m having a total blast helping her turn the demons’ worlds completely inside out.  The real treat will be seeing just what they manage to make of it in the end – given they survive all of the demolition parties along the way, of course.

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