Fresh From the Bifrost


Taking a slight detour from my normal kind of post, I’m going to gloat for a second :  “I saw Thor 2: Dark World today!”  This is yet another glimpse into my geeky innards.  I liked reading comics occasionally as I was growing up – and at risk of offending every comic book lover out there – I especially enjoy the movies they’ve been turned into today.  I cannot wait to see the new Captain America and X-Men!

That being said, time to get back on track: Over the past year or so, I’ve been slowly delving into the Old Norse Myths, researching for a new series I’ve been working on.  Loki’s true nature is murky at best.  It appears even the ancient Scandinavians never could agree on a definite identity for him.  Known as the shape-shifting trickster in the legends, he has been dubbed a God, an Elemental deity, an ally to the Norse Gods, but more readily a foe.  Father of the worst kind of creatures – I mean, the End of the World variety – Nowhere in ALL of the Sagas does it ever say that Loki is the son of Odin, even adopted.

What?…  It’s true.  In fact, more shockingly, Loki is older than Odin.  He was born to the same line of Frost Giants as Odin’s own mother, Bestla, making them second cousins at best, not father and son of any combination.

However, I can understand the creative use of Loki.  He is – by far – the most interesting character in Norse Mythology.  He causes so much mayhem leading up to and on the day of Ragnarok, there’s no way to deny his widespread influence over the entire collection of Sagas.  None of Odin’s other sons (Tyr, Baldr, Hodr, Valir, Vidarr) seem to be destined for the same kind of hero status as the God of Thunder, either, despite all playing important roles.  Loki tricks Hodr into killing Baldr, Tyr sacrifices his hand to capture the Fenrir, Valir’s only purpose is to avenge Baldr’s death by killing Hodr and Vidarr saves the 9 worlds by slaying the Fenrir at Ragnarok with… his boot.

Yep, I said boot.  Look it up, if you don’t believe me.  All I can say, is thank Frigg for Thor.  Could you imagine the selection of costumes at Halloween without him?  (Or never seeing Chris Hemsworth on the big screen???!!!) Just sayin’.

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