Cold Blooded Love

Ripples tremor, encasing flesh
Under silver slide, razors curve
I quake on scalpel’s edge
Pierced so slowly, an adore
Up cheek, down.
I feel your breath

Tightly bound, cradled doll
In arms, in lap, so close
Cold you stare, delighted
Excited, grinned in awe
Beating hard, hearts
My ears feel all

I cannot breathe, clutching fist
Thrust deep and fast
Armored caves, cracking marrow
Draw blood, you fucking knife!
I’m splintered and surreal
Beckon blood and tears amiss

Suspend, prolonging pleasure
Gasping torment, guttural
Agony pinnacles, spiral out
Slice it down, take it all!
My eyes offer biography, you glutton
Evil blended beauty, you are my final joy

Inhale my life, I see it now
Crimson coffin ’round us both
Kill me swift, imploring
One last thrust, we’re done – PAIN!
Intensity blinding, ebbing swift
Choke, salty saturated smile

You’re buried in my breast

An infinite light, intimate and grand
Human spark, it will not last
Before you seek more prey
But profound, saturating love I’d never known
Fiercely gripping, all consuming
Finds me now!
From the one who takes my life away.

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