Prompts Plus

Normally, I have so much going on in my brain – enough to ramble on about without the assistance of using the Daily Prompts – but I’m having such an off-day that I checked both lists out.  Unfortunately, they’re so – eh – to me, creatively, there’s no way I could write an entire post about either.  So, here’s my answer to both:

Daily Post: Fright: Open space heights.  Not flying, because it’s enclosed, but my legs will shake on a step-ladder.  Yes, I’m weird. So, you would never catch me voluntarily putting myself in a high-up with nothing to hold onto position.  No, you couldn’t possibly have enough money, honest.

NaBloPoMo: Plugged-In?  I’m so plugged in, it wouldn’t matter which color pill I took, the Matrix would still own my ass.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, here’s a piece I stole, and embellished upon, from myself.  I’m allowed to do stuff like that.  Especially when I can’t seem to get WordPress and Facebook to stop fighting and just hold hands…awww

A Completely Random Thought

Five attractive friends singing together at a karaoke party
Karaoke image:

Karaoke is, decidedly, my greatest weakness… for torture.  Put some off-key, shrill-voiced drunk on stage with a microphone and I’ll tell you anything you wanna know.  Hell, I will make something up – anything!  Just make it stop!

Now that you know that, I’d really appreciate it if you never used it against me.  Thanks a billion.

HOWEVER, eons ago while I was moaning miserably with my hands clamped over my ears to stop the bleeding, a wise and drunk friend said to me “Hey, you gotta give ’em credit, at least they’ve got the guts to get up there and try.”

I realized two important things from this recently:  One, he was tone deaf and far more intoxicated than I – and two, writing is our karaoke.

We might not perform the task drunk in a room full of strangers (Or do you?), but the process of writing, submitting to an agent/publisher and then waiting for a reply is as good as climbing up on that spit of stage and crooning out some nineties hit while trying to follow the timing of highlighted words on a 5×5 screen – with a neon background.

It’s exhilarating and heart-stopping.  It’s palm-sweating and nerve-wracking – and clicking that blasted “SEND” button definitely makes us (just me?) feel like vomiting… But at least we’ve got the guts to try!

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