When We Whisper

When we whisper, tones soft, words lost
It is not for lack, for doubts conceived
Or conveyed in angst, a worthless need

We do not whisper for hollow vices, deplore
Implore, perhaps, a torrent unbound
Significant and vital, too complex for sound

Why not trumpet a rage, or weep blatant grief?
Sing of a joy, raucous laughter so crass?
Offend to defend, assault those who pass?

These are but fleeting, powerful emissions thrust forth
Given moments, thoughtful notice, narcissistic pleas for a few
Open surveillance, demand witness to our passionate spew

Much deeper, held longer, embedded in bone
Molecular province, cellular born, a spectacular fear
For not a nucleolus nor ion, nor proton’s unfazed
When we whisper to the one whose heart we can hear

sensual embrace

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