A.C. Melody Was Here

Alright, Daily Prompt guru’s – this is definitely a good, tough challenge!  Difficult to decide which superpower would be more beneficial over the other.  I admit, at first glance, the answer seemed easy – Speak and Understand Any Language.  I love languages and it frustrates me to no end that as an adult, learning a second language is so difficult.  I figured surely this would be my choice.

I would never want to force any two people to get along – I’m sorry, but that completely goes against the whole idea of “free will” in my opinion – and no, I don’t care if that meant ending wars or saving marriages – free will is free will, it’s how we learn and evolve.

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Surprise, it’s:  Time Traveling!  Here’s why…

I have an insatiable curiosity for mysteries and I happen to be a lover of history.  However, as crazy as it sounds, I think the first thing I would do with my new-found power, is travel along the bloodlines of my own family’s past.  To gather all of the names, dates and places of those I’ve had no luck finding in all of my genealogical research.

Then, I would sate all of my other curiosities.  Who built Stonehenge, how and why?  Same with the Giza Pyramids, the Nazca Lines.  All of the world’s BIG mysteries, I would be there to bear witness.  I want to know if King Arthur was real and where Camelot was, what ever happened to Avalon?  Did Atlantis really exist?  Where?  How did it sink?

I wouldn’t set out to change anything in history, as tempting as that might seem.  I would strive to discover, to understand – and since I’d be a time traveler, I could use as much of it as necessary to learn all of the different languages of the world directly from the source.  Then I’d probably spend a lot of time with History’s Greats.  Pester the crap out of Leonardo and find out who the smug-smiling Mona really was.

One thing I would never do, is travel into the future.  Though, also tempting, there are just some things I would never want to know in advance – and I think those things would have far worse repercussions on my sanity than going backward.  Who knows?

Now, if it just so happens that some future archaeologist finds an ancient Viking tablet that reads: “ᚫ ᚲ ᛗᛖᛚᛟᛞᚣ ᚹᚫᛋ ᚺᛖᚱᛖ”

That was probably me, ’cause, yeah, I already know how to do that.  🙂  Told you I love languages!

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  3. Yes, I think I destined to find you! I have much the same thoughts about Going back into my family’s past I’ve been fortunate on several branches who took it seriously and the info is wonderful. last September my mother and I went to a 50th family reunion and all us was were related going back 9 generations to one set of parents. It was wonderful. I spend time wandering in my mind back into my past.

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    1. That would be wonderful! I have only one cousin who’s family took genealogy serious, on my maternal grandmother’s side, otherwise my dad had to start from scratch back in the 90’s. It’s been a slow, long haul, but it’s still intriguing and finding the next clue, going back that extra decade or so is as thrilling as treasure hunting.

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      1. My grandfather started when I was a teenager and put back together something called the RIch Family association which published a quarterly magazine. The history once it gets over to England in the 1600’s is mindblowing. I find it so fascinating seeing pictures of relatives who had no idea I was going to be here and looking back at their lives. It was why I started writing about 15 years because I wanted to leave a piece of me for others to read about – find out who their crazy great great great grandmother was or something silly like that.

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