Image: nos1512.foroactivo.com

We are all but hearts, with sputtering, speaking emotions and irrational brains governing for ego’s sake

Within the dark veins of my heart, thrives a world of delicate lies
The woeful children I once bore, of wishes, desires, ideas and needs
Unfulfilled, smothered, they’re buried deep

They call out to my deafened ears, and tinker, left idle, left alone to dissolve
My thoughts at odd moments; in dreams they roam free

But exorcised from their shameful lot, they become demons disruption bred
To my life and the one’s which I am forever in debt

Twas not I who meant creation of that mournful pit
Attempted murder gone awry
But the expectations of my loved ones and their jagged weapons of good intent

Yet choose, I do, to heed their hearts, to keep them near and fill their molds
While the bastards of my heart-born sin, pay the price for my sacrifice
To be good, accepted, to be loved and un-shunned

Don’t let it out.  Keep them secreted, oppressed
Fulfill family’s wishes, harken thine friends
Or cut them all loose and by grasp, faithful ashes
Try it again.

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