Is This the End?

Well, here we are.  The last day of my first NaBloPoMo and all I can think about is decorating for Christmas!  The last few years, I’ve been guiltily hum-buggish about the holidays.  Not consciously, it just seemed like they were here long before I was ready for them to be here.  This year has been remarkably different.  I started getting excited for Christmas on Halloween.  I spent the whole month of November switching between blogging and deep-cleaning in preparation for Black Friday – NOT to go shopping – but to start hauling in the crates of lights and garland from the shed.

I wanted to say here, though, that I’m very grateful that I participated in November’s NaBloPoMo, because it has been more of an introduction into this wonderful community here at WordPress, than anything else.  I’ve found amazing bloggers that I now follow, and others have found me – and the exchange has been more than I ever expected.  I am seriously thinking about continuing on with December’s monthly challenge.  Pushing oneself to blog at least once every day, I think, is a good way to keep the ol’ gears and cogs in working order.

So, expect to see more from me, fellow bloggers, as I look forward to reading more from you!  I wonder if in a few years, blogging will be classified as an official addiction?  What do you think? 😀


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