Those Little Things (A Rant)

Yes, this is a bit of a rant.  The title was meant to forewarn those who may offend easily, because there’s simply no way to say what I have to say without possibly sounding like a total snob.  So, here goes nothing:

Knock it off.  It’s bad enough that we can barely read the news these days without having a Texting Acronym Dictionary on hand, we don’t need your gob-smacking, utter disregard for basic, grade-school grammar on top of it.  If you think I’m just talking about Jane Doe’s personal blog, you’re wrong.  This is actually aimed toward those self-proclaimed professionals.  People who purposely put themselves out there as either:  a) Highly educated, b) Experienced in writing, teaching, journalism, etc. or c) Intelligent beyond normal standards in a sense of puffed-up, ego-inflated sales pitch designed to attract the mate/employer of their dreams.

I am, admittedly (in several posts now) NOT the Queen of Grammar, by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m not trying to be hypocritical here.  It took me awhile to learn how to use “its” and “it’s” properly, not to mention I still begin far too many sentences with the words But and And.  I will use urban slang intentionally for affect and have tossed my share of invented words at my readers just for fun.  But to be so lazy as to never capitalize, or use an apostrophe is just ridiculous.  You are being a disservice to yourself, while pretty much guaranteeing that anyone with a love for reading or writing will never visit your page again.  It hurts my eyeballs to see the glaring thoughtlessness and certainly makes me doubt your claims of education and/or professionalism.

I am just dumbfounded at the increasing number of these blogs, comments, profiles and other community-style pages I continue to come across – not just here at WordPress – but online everywhere, with these small, yet eye-gouging infractions:

  • i – Should ALWAYS be capitalized!  It looks both sad and unimportant when you fail to do so.  It’s a proper noun – ALL proper nouns get capitalized.
  • im – NO!  Stop it!  This is a contraction for “I am”, it is spelled I’m.  (Also capitalized!)
  • ill – Really?  You do realize that this is an actual word, right?  It means to be sick – or in the case of any Sir Mix-A-Lot song, it means to be totally awesome.  It DOES NOT, however, mean “I Will.”  That is spelled I’ll. (Notice it’s capitalized?)
  • to – Yes, this is a word, just not when you’re referring to “a lot of” something or “also.” This is when it’s spelled t-o-o.
    • Incorrect way: I spent to much money at the store.
    • Correct way: Your writing has too many errors in it.  I spent too much money at the store, too, though, so I feel your pain.
  • your – When the sentence could otherwise be read “you are” this is spelled “you’re.”
    • Additionally- “Your” is already a possessive, adding ‘re does not make it so.
  • There:  is a place.
  • Their:  refers to a person beside yourself.
  • They’re:  is a contraction of They Are.

Please… PLEASE, if you are going to claim to know what you’re talking about, do yourself and your readers a favor – take five minutes to proof and polish before publishing anything online.  No one is going to believe you’re capable of anything, if you can’t even begin a paragraph with I’m rather than im.  Okay, end rant – annnnnnnnnnnnd let the angry comments begin….

2 responses to “Those Little Things (A Rant)”

  1. I feel exactly the same way you do and I, too, am amazed at, and disturbed by, how many people are so clueless (or careless?) when it comes to grammar and usage. Or maybe they’re not clueless but are intentionally writing that way to be “with it” or to express their individuality. Who knows?

    I had a similar post a while back……but your rant was so much more focused and succinct. Good job.

    Oh, by the way, I use ellipses way too frequently and probably when an em-dash would be more appropriate. Hey, we can’t all be perfect, right?


    1. For the grammar aspect, our posts were very similar, indeed. So, of course, I had to comment on it. I think it’s carelessness more than merely being clueless – with the exception of English not being their first language, perhaps.

      No, no one’s perfect. Em-dashes and ellipses are the best, I make a point to overuse both as much as possible. (As well as parentheses). 😉


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