Why, Canada, Why?!

I get that it’s filmed there, and technically it was yours first.  I also understand that that entitles you to certain perks over the entire series – but why, Canada?  I thought we were neighbors!  Friends!  Bosom buddies!  How can you do this to me?  How can you sit there on your sofas, chowing down on your favorite prime-time snack and not even think about my feelings?  My needs?

I’m probably slow on the uptake here, on the way things really work – but, can you imagine my utter shock, my stunned flabbergasted-ness (just go with it!) to discover that you get them a whole TWO MONTHS before us?!  Talk about perks!  I don’t want to dislike you, Canada.  You’re a beautiful country – but if you don’t hand over my Fae real soon, there will be some possible disliking!

Gimme my Succubus!  My Wolfie!  My Kenzie!  I don’t want to wait until January 13th!  You’ve already had them since November 10th, can’t you share?!  I suggest a better agreement between Showcase and Syfy immediately!  Whose with me?  Anyone?

Lost Girl
image: forums.syfy.com

Lost Girl Season 4 Teaser Trailer

So, hey, can I ask you a personal question?  Do these posts make my geek look big?  It’s okay to be honest. I can handle it.

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