Let Them Eat Cake!

The Brothers Grimm
Hanau, Germany
The Market decked out for Christmas
Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany

So many years ago today (who’s counting?), an American woman woke in the dead of night in an old, German town of Hesse.  It was time.  The baby was coming.  Her frantic husband was bad enough, but nothing compared to the couple next-door; friends, who’d been on-call to drive her the 25 km west to Frankfurt to deliver the baby.  It was their first time being responsible getting an expectant mother to a hospital, causing them to speed quite quickly along unforgiving cobblestone streets and said baby was nearly born in the backseat.

Luckily, they got to the Frankfurt General Hospital in time, and your bouncing baby A.C. Melody entered this world screaming and complaining (probably with ‘shaken, not stirred’ brains from the car ride, which explains a lot, actually) – and now, she’s here to share some virtual birthday cake with you!

Regardless of where I’d been born, I can’t imagine a more delicious cake other than German Chocolate!  It will always be my favorite and since I’ll be having the real thing later on this evening, I figured I could offer up a piece here for all of my wonderful blogland friends!  Oh, and some pretty nifty looking balloons, too! 😀

Swirls of flowers birthday bouquet $25, view A3b386080a8de8bd87e9bd6b8862a0e2e

The amazing Mrs. Swiss over at the Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss, just shared her birthday last weekend – so I figured I would keep the virtual party going.  After all, December babies are the best! (I’m not biased in any way).cranmargarita_320

Another reason to love having your birthday in December…. it’s the only time of year you can get Cranberry Margaritas! Mmm….

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