image: Karla-Chan@deviantart

Numbered faces, needle nosed
Tick-a-Tock in Bric-à-Rose
Sentry spy, marvels unwind
Costumed guests and dancing mimes

Welcome to my party, stay
A moon shed Noon, a Darkened Day
I am but your Overlord
Empress humbled, Queen Discord

Sugary cakes are piled high
Towers of treats from your divine
Wine doth pour from porcelain pots
Metal-Punk, Steamed besots

Curls on skin, in tattered lace
Wicked masks upon thy face
Laugh debauchery, sigh amuse
Listen dears, to these few rules;

Every Day of Dark for Me
To celebrate Annually
I insist upon your wills undone
Nothing barred, nothing shunned

Regrets be not, Hearts a-sordid
Flesh unbound, desires contorted
Kindred souls, jester’s fun
Welcome each and every one

Tribute demand, the cost of play
Ask only of you, forever stay
Till sun doth rise to claim its toll
There’s no escape, this rabbit hole


4 thoughts on “Holi’Darkened’Day

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