Weaving Worlds

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Around the age of 18, I got this idea for a simple story surrounding the Inquisition.  I wanted to focus on the glaring, one-sided witch trials and the utter injustice spurred on by paranoia, jealousy and greed that resulted in the murder of thousands of innocent people over the course of that dark era.

Unfortunately, I quickly learned that while the reader in me had no qualms investigating and debating real-world events, the writer in me tended to veer left into fantasy land.  So, this tiny idea involving the wrongful murder of an accused witch has – over the course of many years – evolved into a completely different, solely Sword & Sorcery series.  Aye, series.  Spanning around six full-length novels of approximately 150,000 words a piece.

The various ways this simple idea has evolved, grown, changed direction and expanded into the vast, complex tale it is today is so astounding, it blows me away.  I’m unsure of other writer’s mindsets, but sometimes I’m simply awed by the immeasurable depth to which certain stories can grow.  Like a relished Scotch, this idea has definitely aged and matured to a place where now, I couldn’t be happier that it’s taken me this long to write it all down.

In all fairness, it started changing about six years ago, while I was writing the first book I ever finished – which just happened to be one belonging to this particular series.  Remember how I said that my books tend to be completely unexpected to me beyond the initial thought?  That couldn’t be more true for this collection.  With every book, the unexpected brings about more changes, more growth and expansion.  The world it is weaving has stretched over time and filled maps from border to border, much like the old explorers of the day set out to accomplish.

It is the largest, longest story that’s ever graced my brain and the one that, given how long it has been with me, is the most difficult to put to print without fearing that I’m simply not qualified enough to do it justice.  It’s also one of only two stories I have that I would be devastated over if they never got to see the light of day – so, under those kind of self-imposed issues, I should probably get back to it, for the latter definitely outweighs the former and I really don’t want to wait another (seriously, who’s counting?) years to see it done.  black-quill

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