Easy Peasy!


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Like so many, I’ve already had those moments of sitting around with friends and family discussing what we would do if any of us ever won the lottery.  Of course, this is always followed by the laughing reminder: “We have to actually buy a ticket, first!”

This has always been my answer:

I would pay for land and our General Contractor family members to build everyone in the immediate and extended family their own house, with the first year’s taxes & insurance paid, so that everyone I love could live without the stress of keeping a roof over their heads for at least a year – and know that their house is built right; not some cookie-cutter, slap-together project.

I would invest a portion of the money.  Also, I’d start some kind of interest-incurring trust fund for my kids, their kids (and so on), as well as stash away the money necessary for their college tuitions.

I would buy two new rigs for me; A truck for hauling and a car for cruising.  (My poor baby is 15 years old and I’ve owned her for 11 of those years and while she’s a damn good car, I’m afraid she’s on her last leg. )  I would also buy a new rig for my mom and my sister.  Everyone else I know already has good rigs.

I would make a large donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, whom I already donate to when I can.  I would also make a large contribution to Water.org.

I would buy myself and my kids all new wardrobes, with shoes and accessories, because we’ve never been able to do that and it would be nice to have a new pair of jeans without looking down and seeing holes in my sneakers.  Not having to choose one over the other would be an awesome change of pace.

After the construction of the houses – mine would only get minimal decor, because I’m a collector of odd things –  I would sit down and research which organizations I would love to donate to, that I could continue to donate to without the fear of running out of money (thanks to my brilliant investments).  I’m really big into marine conservation, as well as ALL people, which is a lot, I know, so I have to make sure the money goes where it’s supposed to, see?


I would take time to travel.  First, I would take anyone in the family who wanted to go to the UK.  I have family in Wales and I really need to get into the National Archives in Dublin.  Then I would travel more, for strictly genealogical research, every once in awhile after that.  The kids and I would take a vacation to the Mediterranean to visit all of the ancient cities there – then eventually, we would visit other ancient places around the globe.

I would use my travels as inspiration to do what I enjoy most.  Write and draw.  That would never change.  Nor, do I think, would I ever be able to not look at the price tag before deciding to purchase an item.  Somethings are completely ingrained.  There will still be moments when I scoff and declare, “There is no way in hell I’m paying that much money for THAT!”

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