Going Forward to Look Behind

Daily Press asked us today what kind of progress we would like to see with our blogs a year from now.  So, I hopped into my time machine… Remember, I wield the Time Traveler superpowers… and I zipped through the multidimensional plains to January 2, 2015, looked back and… scrunched up my face in distaste.  “What is this hodgepodge of illogical randomness?” I asked myself.

The problem is that I’ve already noticed this.  I don’t really need to travel to the future to see what’s been going on around here – it would just be fun.  I can’t even blame the daily prompts, since it’s my choice to use them.  When I started this blog, it was supposed to be for nothing more than to promote my upcoming book and everything else I end up writing under the pen name A.C. Melody – What?  You thought that was my real name?  Oh, sorry.  It’s not.  It’s my pseudonym.  Perhaps, it was meant to advertise my unbelievable skill at weaving tales by using an excessive amount of large words you would need a dictionary to figure out – but that’s not how I talk and this has turned into more of personal blog than a professional one.

Is that bad?  I’m not sure.  I wouldn’t mind reading more personal insights about my favorite authors on their blogs, so I don’t think it’s a horrible thing.  It just isn’t putting my craft out there very well.  Writing is a craft of mathematical proportions:  10 minutes of typing + 15 minutes of walking away = 2 hours of editing.  See?  The thing is that when I’m reading a novel, I don’t mind the artfully placed, grandiose usage of large words.  I hate reading it in someone’s blog.  An overabundance of large words in a blog just sounds pretentious – especially, if that’s not really the way you talk – or, maybe even if it is.  (Just my personal opinion.)

It doesn’t seem that my voice as a writer has found a niche here, though.  Outside of a few faithful, whom I also follow loyally, the only time my blog seems to attract attention is when I do link to the daily prompts.  Well, I’m not sure how much more of that I’m going to be doing.  I’ve also opted not to join January’s NaBloPoMo, because frankly, I have a book to write – so, I’m not going to commit to blogging daily when it’s not very likely to happen until I’m done.

What I do hope to accomplish is keep adding more pieces to my Where Words & Art Collide pages, because that means I’m being even more creative than just writing!  I also want to dedicate more time to reading blogs, for I know there are some sensational ones out there that I’m currently missing, (I’m partial to ones that make me laugh). I’m already off to a promising start with my artwork, so I will be keeping my fingers crossed it continues.  Until next time, Daily Bloggers, here’s the latest addition:

DDGraphics 011
Click to enlarge picture

3 responses to “Going Forward to Look Behind”

  1. Well, I, for one, find your posts, which are chock full of short, unpretentious words that don’t require me to open up a new tab and go to dictionary.com to understand, are very well written and worth reading. And, no, I didn’t know that A.C. Melody wasn’t your real name. Great pseudonym, though. Very melodious.


    1. Thank you, Doobster, that means a lot coming from someone so blatantly picky about which blogs he reads (and I mean that in the best way!) 🙂 Melody does happen to be a family name, so I didn’t stray too far.


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