This is Better Than Ice Cream!

321368526749I’ve heard that’s the best thing to use as a comparison.  A high compliment if ever there was one.  I don’t eat ice cream, so I’m going to have to trust in all of those who do.  I learned today that I’ve been recommended and praised as an up-and-coming author over at Alienorajt.  I was speechless.  This is the second time since I’ve started this journey, that someone has recommended my blog on their own.  I find it difficult to express how much more that means to me, as a person and as a writer, than just about any other kind of award you could ever possibly get.

It is indisputably better than receiving a “like” or comment, though those are always great and very appreciated.  Now, the first time I was recommended was simply because the subject matter was a shared interest.  To be recommended by someone who is far more experienced and well versed than I, is quite a different feeling altogether.  So, you’ll understand my horror to find out that despite the fact that I’ve read her postings, even commented on them – I am not following her blog!  How could this be?  I could have sworn I was one of her followers!  I’m so embarrassed.

I keep the blogs I follow in full view, proudly displayed in all their glory in the sidebar of my blog, because I love these blogs.  I follow, because I actually read their posts and often carry on conversations with their authors.  I feel everyone who visits my page should have the opportunity to check them out.  To see that they exist and are available for enjoying.  Alienorajt is such a blog.  A blog I enjoy reading, that I’ve commented on and liked and feel others might also truly enjoy reading.  So, I am ending this to go do what I thought I’d done awhile ago, which is start following her blog.

Alienora, my sincerest apologies and thank you again, so much, for such an amazing compliment!


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