Share Your World – Week 4


I’ve just come upon this great, weekly writing challenge hosted by Cee, and though I’m a little late, I figure I can always go back and do weeks 1-3 if I want.  Even if there were rules against it (which, there doesn’t appear to be any) well, I’ve already proven I’m completely capable of breaking those pesky little things with my Liebster nominations! 🙂  So here goes the questions being asked for this week:

Do you recharge your energy by going out with friends for a good time or by spending with quiet time alone?

Spending quiet time alone, because those moments are soooooooooo so rare!

What is the most number of blankets you’ve ever had on your bed?

Two, and only during our worst winters.  I can’t sleep if I get too hot.

You are invited to a party that will be attended by many fascinating people you never met. Would you attend this party if you were to go by yourself?

Hmm.  I suppose this depends on what the party is for.  If it’s a meet and greet with publishers, authors, editors, reviewers, etc.  then yes, I would definitely go.  However, if it was just a party for partying sake, then no thanks, I’ll pass.

Do you like talking to people on the phone? Or do you prefer voice mail or email?

I much prefer e-mail.  Though, often I find the best way to really get results is with a live person on the phone.  People can ignore e-mails a lot easier than a voice on the other end of the line.  Again, it all depends on the situation.

7 responses to “Share Your World – Week 4”

  1. I so enjoyed reading your answers to this week’s questions. I hope to see you next week. And no there are not any time lines of when you can add your answers. Pick and chose all you want… Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you, Cee! This was a great idea you had, I’m going enjoy participating, so you’ll definitely see me next week, too. 🙂


  2. Better late than never 🙂


  3. Although I prefer email also your answer is spot on.


    1. Thanks, Dawn! That’s always been my experience. Sometimes you just gotta make yourself heard. 🙂


      1. Tell ’em from the mountain! 😉


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