BFFs 4-Ever & Ever ‘Till The End!

In Time
starring Matt Bomer, Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried

Today’s prompt might seem simple to some…

The Daily is asking: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to?

…but the answer is “To give your time,” and that’s often easier said than done.  I don’t mean a wrist-to-wrist transfer like in that movie where the hot-as-hell Matt Bomer (aka Neal Caffrey for all us White Collar fans) gave millions of minutes to the multi-talented Justin Timberlake.  I mean take some of your precious time and spend it with your BFFs.  This is something Rob over at the SurfReport has already written a very solid, touching post about and I’ve previously confessed to often being very selfish with my time.

I’m fortunate to have 2 BFFs, rather than just 1.  I met my first BFF when I was almost 10, and my second when I was 13.  Without shouting out too many numbers here, it’s been over 20 years.  Put your calculators away, no one likes a know-it-all!  Geesh.

They’re both understanding – to a point – of my creative quirks and time-hoarding ways, but I have learned over the years that my time is the best thing I can share with them and it’s how we’ll stay friends for the rest of our days.  I know BFF Numero Dos would love way more time than I give her now, but both of our lives can get pretty hectic and in the way.  It happens when you grow up and start having families and careers, but so far, we’ve lucked out. We’re still super close, and all of our kids have grown up together.

Both of my BFFs know everything about me, because I couldn’t imagine being that close, for that long, with someone I couldn’t trust 100% with all of me.  Maybe that’s something else I’ve learned from them, a lesson that is, unfortunately, never realized by some people.  Be open and honest, and just like with any other relationship in your life that matters greatly to you – give it your all (and then spend more time enjoying it). 😉

8 responses to “BFFs 4-Ever & Ever ‘Till The End!”

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  3. […] BFFs 4-Ever & Ever ‘Till The End! | A.C. Melody […]


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  5. I think that’s the best way to hold onto friends after life begins again with marriage and family life – to have your kids growing up together, because it really solidifies that community that you and your friends began just by coming together. I moved here and have had such a difficult time making new friends because it’s not the same as it was when I was a kid – meet people on the block, hang out, look at their toys, stuff like that – but fortunately my wife had friends and we’ve all got this ritual and these kids who play together, ranging from about three years old to the girls who are about 18 months. It’s just beginning for them, but I’m hoping that the strength of our community will help my daughter have an easier time making friends later on in life.


    1. I think it does make a difference, growing up with a good community of friends, so I’m glad you’ve found a way for your daughter to have that. I count my blessings that I grew up with it, and that I’ve been able to give my kids the same experience. Thanks, Rob & you’re very welcome for the mention. 🙂


  6. And that was a very nice mention, thank you. 🙂


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