Interview With a Vampesque Type Being

So, the Daily Prompters are asking us to commit plagiarism today and then call it flattery.  I’m not sure how blurred the lines are between imitation and copyright infringement, so I’m going to do a little “Borrowing.”  One of my favorite authors (as I’ve mentioned at least 1,000,000 times already), is the uncontested Queen of Fiction, Anne Rice, and the very first book I ever read of hers is the one I mangled in the title of my blog.  De (pour) rendre hommage, as we would say in one of Mrs. Rice’s favorite languages, I will now conduct my own interview with one of my vamp-like characters, Damascus.  Children under the age of 18, shoo…go play somewhere else.

A.C. Melody’s First Attempt At A Character Interview

AC: Welcome to my blog.  Today we have special guest, Damascus Redford, star of Blood & Brimstone and the art piece titled Dmitri.  Damascus, thank you for taking time out of your busy torturing, strip-club managing, whoring around schedule to be with us this evening.

DR: My pleasure. :grins slow and dark:

I can already feel my blood chilling…

AC: Let’s begin with clarifying exactly what kind of supernatural being you are.  I called you vamp-like for our readers’ sake, but could you elaborate on that?

DR: :grimaces: We’re not vampires, but we stopped arguing that point thousands of years ago.  We are – were – the Elementals of nature, until someone decided to trap us in physical form. Now we need regular replenishment, depending on how much energy we use.  For example, my element is Fire, and being the glutton that I am, I’ve been slowly feeding off of your body heat this entire time. 

AC: :clears throat: Huh, I hadn’t noticed.  So, then it’s safe to say that Water, Air and Earth Elementals all do the same thing?  Use humans as natural resources?

DR: Spilling secrets of an unknown supernatural species… sure, that should be safe.  You’re correct.  But, we’ve learned how to take a little from a lot, rather than explain body counts.   Walking through large crowds can be quite efficient. Owning the hottest erotic dance club on The Strip doesn’t hurt much either. 

AC: [mutters under breath: Certainly explains the strip pole mounted in your living room.]  You are actually bonded to a Water El.  How does that work, exactly?

DR: It doesn’t, and I wouldn’t call it a bond as much as a curse.  We were enemies, so The Winds Clan Council decreed that we would be eternally linked as punishment for our part in the Territory Wars.  Linked, as in, we only get the full experience when we’re together, if you know what I mean… Did you want to try the pole?

AC: Focus, Dmitri, geesh, one track mind much?  The Winds Clan Council.  Is that the same as the Air Elemental Clan?

DR: Hell, no.  They’re… well, ever read The Odyssey?

AC: Oh, those winds.

DR: Trust me.  You only ever want to meet Aeolus never… once, if never is unavoidable, and he’s the only one out of the lot with any kind of a conscience. 

Claims the Inquisitor with a St. Andrew’s Cross built into each of his homes…

AC: So if your bond – sorry, curse – with Berlin is permanent, yet your Elementals clash, how exactly do you go about continuing your man whoring ways?

DR: :Grinning again: Cleverly.  Berlin and I can share neutral lovers, like Air or Earth Els, but in order for us to have sex with one of our own clan – without the added help, yet all of the pleasure – we have to ‘loan’ some of our Elemental to the other, and take some in return.  Not exactly the most pleasant experience unless you’re into receiving excruciating pain.

AC: :blinks at Damascus with a bland expression, before continuing on: Why not just go for humans?  I mean there’s a lot of attractive humans out there.

DR: :Busts out laughing: I said we were avoiding body counts!  Do you know what an Elemental would do to a human at the height of passion?  I’d rather not have my favorite appendage inside of a frozen or jerky-fied corpse, thank you very much.  Besides, humans can’t handle the kind of pain I like to dish out – and that’s just the foreplay.  :wiggles eyebrows:

AC: Sooooooo… it sounds like what you and Berlin really need is like a hybrid.  Half Fire, Half Water-

DR: :Lurches forward in his seat: Don’t tease me, woman! You know that’s impossible!  A Fire and Water El can’t actually fuck each other.

AC: No, no… you’re right… I guess I’m just an author, with the meek little powers of ‘I can do whatever the hell I want,’ but what do I know?  I’m just a breakable, drainable human. 

DR: I love you.

AC: Awe…Suck up.   And that concludes our interview for tonight, dear readers.  Next time, I’ll try to invite someone a little more well rounded.

DR: At least I come by my issues naturally… Good night, everyone, Happy Whoring – and remember if you’re ever in Vegas… you’re fair game. 

AC: Nice. :shake my head:

DR: What?

AC: I think you need another visit with Aeolus. 

DR: Oh, now who’s the sadist?!


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3 thoughts on “Interview With a Vampesque Type Being

    1. Thanks, Amber. I had some fun writing that, but I think if I do another one, I’m going to do a little researching first on the best way to conduct a character interview. I mean… you’re basically interviewing yourself, so it’s kinda weird. lol


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