Darkness is a State of Mind


An unknown transformer blowing
This is a mild light compared to what we witnessed

The winds were pushing the truck sideways, as we headed toward my friend’s house.  Broken branches littered the asphalt like some rustic wedding aisle, and it seemed darker than it should have been with all of the clouds.  Gusts of cold rain kept the windshield wipers hyper, but the hill was right ahead.  Shelter and warmth was finally within reach.

Then we saw it.  It lit up the stormy sky in a flash of green and blue, a nearby celebration rising above the towering evergreens – and the world went black.  The gas station up ahead to the right blinked out like a busted neon sign.  A Transformer had just blown.  Well, crap.  So much for warmth and shelter, we just lost power.  Sure enough, the cellphone starts ringing… my friend’s daughter, who’d been babysitting the rest of the kids, was panicking.  No electricity, mom… what do we do??!!

Hang tight.  We’re almost there.

Now, I don’t know how other households handle power outages.  Break out the board games and cards, tell ghost stories with a flashlight, shiver in the corner and pray for the power company to work faster… but that’s not how we do things ’round these parts.  The bonfire got started in the back yard, emergency candles set around the house where they were needed.  There was cold juice, and cold beer, hotdogs for the campfire and camouflage was thrown on for a stormy-night game of black ops hide-n-seek.

It only took a couple of hours for the lights to come back on.  A matter that was met with a lot of “AWE! We want the power to go out again!” complaints. 😉

Of course, if the weather keeps on the way it is now, they might just get that wish….

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