Share Your World – Week 7


Yes, I am officially skipping Week 6, sorry Cee.  It’s just that I paid no attention whatsoever to the Winter Olympics this year, so I have nothing to contribute to those questions.  Do you ever wonder if people notice when you’re gone?  I’m not sure if anyone does.  My internet has been obsolete since last week, but should be fixed by tomorrow.  I’ve been trying to post as much as I can via my cell-phone, but that’s difficult considering it’s the world’s oldest touch-screen android.

Okay, time to play catch-up again…

What is your favorite couch potato activity: reading, watching movies, watching sports, napping, anything on TV, computer games, play cards, or other?

It just depends on my mood.  It can switch between catching up on my millions of shows waiting on the DVR, reading or taking a nap.  Of course, that’s if I don’t feel like taking Sid Meier’s challenge for world domination in Civilization Revolution.

What is your favorite toppings on pizza?

Pepperoni and black olives- I know, that’s so unoriginal, but it will always be my favorite.

What is your favorite genre of movie or book?

Movie: Action and/or comedy – but I just recently watched Captain Phillips and I would recommend it to everyone.  (Especially the behind the scenes footage!)

Book: Recently, I’ve been on a classics kick.  I just finished The Catcher in the Rye.  That Holden… what a madman.

Do you prefer eating the frosting of the cake first?

If and when I eat cake, I like to eat it normally.  Frosting and cake all at the same time.

2 responses to “Share Your World – Week 7”

  1. I have Civ IV…I’ve not played it in awhile but I might just have to now. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    1. Those games can definitely be addicting! 🙂


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