The Long Stretch

spring-thaw_28698988-670x446Baseball Spring Training has kicked off.  For our minors teams, that started yesterday.  March 20th marks the Spring Equinox this year, so I’m not sure how it can be technically called Spring Training quite yet, but I’m not in the business of figuring that stuff out.  I guess, they feel it’s close enough.

It seems like we’re all in that seventh-inning stretch, though, cheering for Spring to officially arrive.  We’re tired of the dismal, temperamental weather and I know my kids can all but taste Spring Break right around the corner.  More of my flowers are blooming with aspirations of survival, and even the summer insects are drowsily creeping out of their hibernating hovels to see what’s going on.  A friend of mine got stung by a bee last weekend, no joke.

This year, I’m concentrating on the new season bringing about new, better changes for my little corner of the world.  I’m hoping to have another book submitted to my publisher and new, healthier habits more firmly set into place.  Most people put all of their resolution stock in the New Year – but Spring is the time for rebirth and the renewal of brighter, warmer, longer days – so, I’m focusing my energy there.

No season is a miracle season, of course, but goals do seem more attainable when the sun is out.  🙂

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