Make Mine Armenian

I might have mentioned before that I’m just not that big into sweets.  It’s not even that I dislike them, it’s that I never get a craving for them.  I do, however, have a slight weakness for pastries, which combines my love for breads and fruit – usually – all into one tasty treat.

Some time ago, while shopping at Costco, I happened upon these delicious looking treats called Nazooks.  A hand-made, Armenian pastry and I just had to try them.  I was immediately hooked by their mildly sweet, nutty flavor and thick consistency, but when I returned to Costco to stockpile, they were nowhere to be found!  What was I going to do?

NazookGo without.  That was the only alternative, it appeared.  No one knew what I was talking about, let alone selling them, and the one European bakery in town says, “Sorry, we mainly specialize in the Netherlands.” – so not helpful, you should change your name to the Dutch Bakery, then, so people aren’t wasting their time!  I was feening now.  I wanted my Armenian pastry, like 5 minutes ago!

Eventually, the cravings went away.  I couldn’t even recall what those little slices of heaven tasted like anymore.  How they kind of melted on my tongue while they were still warm, or how well they complimented my morning coffee, because they had that perfect amount of bitter sweetness.

Then the best thing in the world happened.  The next town over built a Winco Foods, so my mother and I thought we would get together and go check it out.  We were nearly done with our lists, had made it from one end of the giant store to the other, which just happened to house the bakery.  I, of course, was always on the lookout for Apple Strudels or Banana Nut Muffins, so I wandered around the corner space and nearly gave up when I saw an entire shelf full of packaged Nazooks!

Thank you, Winco!!!


Now, the perfect Trifecta of Nazook, Greek Yogurt and a hot cup of coffee makes up my morning breakfast every day, because unlike Costco, Winco keeps their bakery stocked with my delicious Armenian pastries all of the time! 🙂

*Note: This post is not a Costco-bashing article – I still shop at Costco and love all of the other great reasons why they’re a good store!

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  2. Happened on your post and are super pumped about your loving Eurobake products! Consider this a standing invitation to reach out for a private tour anytime to see how we make them and our other unique products!

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    1. Wow, thank you so much!


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