Triple Lyric Tuesday


Flu season, meet Lysol… Blah, I am so done with ucky sickness.  Once the whole household has had it, you can’t help wondering if it would be more beneficial to scour or just light a match and start fresh.  Okay, fine… I’ll get my gloves on.  In the meantime, you all enjoy this week’s selection of songs… 🙂


“Change my attempt, good intentions.
Crouched over, you were not there
Living in fear, but signs
Were not, really that scarce
Obvious tears, but I
Will not, hide you through this
I want you to help him, please
See, the bleeding heart perched on my shirt…”

~ Wasteland by: 10 Years


“Just a small town girl
Living in a lonely world
She took the midnight train going anywhere.
Just a city boy
Born and raised in South Detroit
He took the midnight train going anywhere…”

~ Don’t Stop Believing by: Journey


“She said it’s cold
It feels like Independence Day
And I can’t break away from this parade
But there’s got to be an opening somewhere here in front of me
Through this maze of ugliness and greed…”

~ One Headlight by: The Wallflowers


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