What’s Your Style? : Prologues

I’ve decided to discontinue my Flash Facts Fridays.  They’d been designed to make my busy Friday’s easier, but ended up taking longer than a normal post.  So… not sure if this will become the new Friday theme, a discussion on styles, but I guess I won’t know until I post it and see how it goes.


Prologue: Crescents Crossing

I have never seen anything like it…

We’ve come to the end of the world, it seems, perched in our saddles still, atop the sheer cliffs of Crescents Crossing. The thin, stringy grass grows even there, tickling the fetlocks of our mounts’ legs.  That sand reed, so dangerously ensnaring, causes them to stamp their hooves impatiently. From our vantage point, we can see the Brudorhn; the Brothers Isles. Three mountain peaked islands covered in coniferous trees, resembling the hunched shoulders of burly giants guarding the entrance to the northern sea beyond.  Its ribbon-thin channels snake through and around them in order to escape the bay.

There is nothing farther North known to any civilized being. Certainly Svenn is just to the east of the Brothers, but beyond her snow blanketed icecaps, there is only the wilderness of the unknown.

None of these elements allude to my original thought, however. When I state that I have never seen anything like it before, I am referring to the very village Thoryn’s man, Vasi, and I have traveled months to discover. The Priestess, Suni, had been vague with her premonition as to what we might find here, but it is clearly the home of powerful wise ones.  An Origin Coven of V’karr or Ash, survivors from the Fall of Syh!  For as legend holds, they have carved their homes, academies and temples right out of the very rock of the cliffs and its fragmented boulders edging the shore.

Most capturing is a Temple, markedly honored by Mer, jutting up out of the waves with curved stone stairways arching over the water and stretching to the beach – a tremendous feat of great craftsmanship and magick, I must say!  And the very center of it has been purposely left absent; a smoothly round, yawning mouth spewing a continuous fount of saltwater into the cove…

~ Excerpt from the journals of Darial of Nexxing (ca. 610 AP)

Open discussion:

What’s your take on using ‘Journal’ or ‘Diary’ entries as an introduction to a plot?

Do you find it annoying or an intriguing insight into the character’s experience?

Do you find First Person POV prologues followed by Third Person POV books confusing, or easy to flow into?

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