Expression IS Art. Period.

Just yesterday I confessed to some of the ways I like to express myself, but the art of writing will always be my first and favorite form of expression.  Who doesn’t see their moods reflected in their craft?  Whether it’s a poem, a short story or even just a quirky quote, one’s feelings come through the carefully structured words to the reader.

Also, my moods play a huge roll in my style.  If I’m feeling exceptionally happy, I will avoid those necessary scenes of grief or war and choose to work on witty dialogue with some of my more contemporary characters.  Of course, they’re always witty and funny in their own minds!  The same can be said for when I’m feeling a bit more serious or blue – I find it difficult to work with that slapstick bunch and will work on stories that require a more sombre tone, instead.

Then there are days like today, when the words soaring through my mind belong in random order.  A poem from the non-poet, because my mood appears to be trapped in a kaleidoscope of uncertainty and only the nonsensical rhythm of verse will do…



Of every fraction
Life a light
Reflect upon oneself
Expectations cast inward
Integrity is born

But piece by piece
Facets cloud
Judgment thrusts forth
Ego clutches limelight
Hypocrisy doth reign

Natural as breath
Sincerity smiles
Given without request
Courtesy. Regard. Respect.
Humility thus seeds

The rarest gem
Light a life
Treasures of kindness
Cultivate nurturing growth
And Humanity will thrive

~ A.C.M.

8 responses to “Expression IS Art. Period.”

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  2. A ‘non-poet’? I feel that I must disagree. Firstly, one shouldn’t judge oneself by either the standards or expectations of others – poetry is, or should be, intensely personal. Secondly, the ability to reach or touch another person through writing is, in itself, poetic, and you have this talent. The poet is free.


    1. I stand corrected, what a very generous observation and I think you’re right, poetry is intensely personal. I suppose I never considered myself a poet, because I’ve never desired to learn the art of it, exactly, or it’s various styles. Thank you, Chris, as always, for your kind words! 🙂


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  4. […] Expression IS Art. Period. | A.C. Melody […]


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