Going With the Flow

Glowing book with earth

Welcome to the way A.C.’s brain works.  When it’s off, it’s off.  When it’s on, it’s picky about where it wants to spend its creative energy.

So, of late, I’ve been working a lot on my Epic Fantasy series; but not getting any writing done.  My brain is overflowing with ideas, filling up my notebooks, by plugging all of the plot holes that have been sitting there vacant for years.  Isn’t it funny how that happens?  How suddenly the answers can flow from your brain, as easy as exhaling a breath, when before no matter how hard you slammed your head against that brick wall, nothing was shaking loose?  Oh, well… I’m too happy to have them filled to complain (too much) about it.

I spent two days researching how to create a Fiction/Fantasy calendar and timeline.  Turns out I was right about my assumption that readers prefer simple over complicated.  I mean, who really wants to put a book down and pull out their calculators, just to make sure the author knows what they’re talking about?  Okay, I’ve done it before.  So, simple doesn’t mean you have to insult the intellect of your readers.  What really works great for my series, is the most widely accepted timeline system is simply dating years, ages, eras or dynasties after either the current ruler(s) or a major event.

F/F Calendars are typically only necessary if you’re actually planet-building, not just world-building, and you’re dealing with days, seasons, years, etc. that differ from our own planet’s normal routine.  Due to the nature of my series’ characters, and the fact that their world is parallel to Earth’s own cycles, I’ve got it pretty easy – and I’m okay with that.  I would rather focus on the story, which has enough things going on in it, that fretting over an unnecessary detailed calendar seems like a silly waste of time.

The most challenging part of having my creative juices flowing, is staying on task.  In attempting to sketch out at least a ‘loose’ timeline – in order to get those major events dated – I find myself going into great detail about the smaller events leading up to them and I’m not even entirely sure those smaller events will ever make it into the book.  Ugh… there has to be some mental exercise I can use to better control my brain’s trajectory!

For now, I guess I’ll just keep going with the flow…


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