Wherever You Lead, I Will Follow

read-booksToday’s Daily Prompt is asking about obsession.  Wanting to know if there’s anything that captivates our attention like no other.

As with my writing, my creative bug likes to roam from place to place; a Gypsy’s restlessness that stems Paintingback to my childhood when the phrase “I’m bored” was greeted with a day of laborious cleaning house or landscaping.  My siblings and I learned real quick to keep ourselves busy, so that dreaded boredom wouldn’t set in and land us on mom and dad’s workforce radar.


The habits were formed, so that even to this day, I am never bored.  I have several projects always waiting for me to get back to them – and this is where my nomadic creativity comes in.  Like my brain decides which story it wants to work on, so does it become obsessed with a particular hobby and/or project.

Curr2013-04-11-gamerently, I’m in a gaming obsession alongside my writing.  One day, I will wake up and I won’t feel like gaming.  I’ll become obsessed with genealogy research again, and so on and so forth.  When I’m in the mood for something, it is very much an obsession, until it burns itself out.  Then I abandon that project and move onto the next thing my brain becomes singularly captivated with.

The unfortunate downside to this kind of habit, is that I hardly ever finish anything.  Maybe someiStock_book_typewriter_writing day I will stop fearing having nothing to do and actually complete a project.  At least I finally started finishing my books.  That only took me a couple of decades, so there’s hope, right?


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