The Prince of Fallen Kingdoms

Dark Thoughts by David Seguin

“With maddening perseverance, he waves not a flag for allies nor brandishes weapons upon his enemies heads, but uses a mastery of magic – nay, a skill possessively shared only by the alchemist – dare say it’s quite possibly the prophetess – a surety unshakable, a knowledge un-divinable, as immoveable as a Gargoyle at rest (thicker of stone, I assure you), have you not already guessed?

“He believes it.  Aye, it’s quite true, that is all it really is.  He believes he will best them all, that he’s best of all, that he’ll never fall, and for that, he never has.

“‘Tis not merely the ego of a man, though, do not be fooled – takes more than self-preservation, lack of compassion and simple ambition would never do.  He’s a recipe for destruction, a precariously formulated design, haphazardly construed.  Would it come to mind clearly, had you ever seen him, the Gods know they never do.  He’s never the same for any of them, really.  Far too many tiny, shiny pieces making up that beast – the handsome demon, too cocky to feign morality, they say he’s one without integrity.

“But I have seen some of the tricky, selfish, utterly horrific things he’s prone to do, and so a confession, if I may; His smile is always genuine, if it’s the last thing you see.  Be he singing with drink, philandering, instigating – he breaks the soft and maims the tough, and I guarantee no grin will be sincerer, the day he obliterates this entire kingdom to dust!”

Just a bit of random thoughts pertaining to my beloved Prince, Devin di’Laiv.  I had to note here how happy I was to find the above picture, for Laivgon’s crest is the white dove!  Now… back to writing!  ~ A.C.M.


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