Gateway to the World

Today’s prompt is asking for the top 5 places we’ve always wanted to visit. For someone like me, choosing only 5 places is rather difficult.  I want to see everything and go everywhere.  I think I was a jet-setter in a previous life, or possibly a Viking?  Who knows?  After much consideration, I’ve settled on the ancient civilizations that have always drawn my interest – and as luck would have it, they’re all in one place: Europe.  Here’s my list from “I’m so excited!” to “This is a dream come true!”:

#5: The United Kingdom and Ireland



Couldn’t go to England without visiting all of it’s famous landmarks, especially the oldest of them all!


Pembroke Castle in Wales – reportedly in my ancestral line, also I have family living in Wales and would love to visit them!


Not only ancient, but beautiful!


Irish roots from my mother’s side chose to immigrate to America even before the Great Famine.

#4: Barcelona, Spain


Ah, Gaudi…


Most people think of Paris as an artist’s city, but I’ve always imagined it should be Barcelona.

#3: Italy


Fair Verona…


It would take me a year to see all I want to see in Italy, for how could you not marvel at such breathtaking architecture everywhere you go?

#2: Greece and the Greek Isles


Santorini, my dream place for retirement…


Ruins, ruins everywhere! So much exploring to do!

#1: Egypt


I would sail the Nile from Thebes (Luxor) to Alexandria, stopping at every historical site along the way.


Did I ever mention that I’d wanted to be the next Howard Carter when I was little, instead of an astronaut?

Now, this is in no way all of the places I’d ever want to see, but they are the places that produced the art, culture, architecture and legends that have captivated my imagination since I was in the First Grade, so it seemed only fair to list them.  Travel doesn’t come easy to everyone, though.  I haven’t even seen all of the places I’d like to visit in my own country let alone internationally!  Next time, I hope the Daily Prompt Gurus gives us more locations to choose from, but looking through all of the photos sure was fun! (If not distracting!)



10 thoughts on “Gateway to the World

    • I grew up watching Indiana Jones, so they probably have influenced my love for ancient civilizations. It was hard not to list my birthplace, where all of the BEST stories were told, but I wanted to stay with places I’ve never been. Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂


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  2. Very nice. Dublin and London make their required appearance on my top ten list for sure.

    I remember making a “model” of Egypt as a kid for a report I had to do.

    So much to see.

    Keep it up!


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