Triple Lyric Tuesday

I can’t believe I forgot it was Triple Lyric Tuesday!  Well, here in my neck of the woods, that’s still a fact for a couple more hours, so better late than never, right?!

flyleaf_600_a~ Sorrow by: Flyleaf

“Sometimes life seems too quiet
Into paralyzing silence
Like the moonless dark
Meant to make me strong

“Familiar breath of my old lives
Change the color in my eyes
Soon he will perforate the fabric of the peaceful by and by…”

billyidol~ Rebel Yell by: Billy Idol

“I walked the world with you, babe
A thousand miles with you
I dried your tears of pain, babe
A million times for you

“I’d sell my soul for you babe
For money to burn with you
I’d give you all, and have none, babe
Just to, just to, just to, a just to
To have you here by me…”


the_fray01~ She Is by: The Fray

“Do not get me wrong, I cannot wait for you to come home
For now you’re not here and I’m not there, it’s like we’re on our own
To figure it out, consider how to find a place to stand
Instead of walking away and instead of nowhere to land

“This is gonna break me clean in two
This is gonna bring me close to you…”


*Note: I do not own anything pertaining to these songs.  All rights and copyrights belong to the artists and their respective labels.*

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