Hell Hath No Fury


Today’s prompt sounded fun.  Kind of a comic book appeal to the idea of eliminating or altering some annoying natural occurrence, like gravity.  No gravity would mean that no one could ever fall and get hurt, and when you got older… you know, everything would stay where it’s supposed to be.  I wanted to know what my other options were, though, so I started Googling the crap out of “Laws of Nature” to find the exact definition and list of ‘laws’… but after my eyes glazed over and my brain scrambled to mush, I could only conclude that there isn’t any, really.

The fact is that the Laws of Nature are made up of all of these other Laws of ____ things, like Physics, Metaphysics and a bunch of other scientific mumbo-jumbo – most of which is only theoretical, because there’s absolutely no way to prove it concretely.  Wind can be measured and given a somewhat predictable pattern and the same with all of the other elements of Nature, but you can’t really know for sure, because….

Mother Nature is the Queen Bee-atch.

She doesn’t answer to anyone.  Not Einstein, Newton or even Murphy.  Everything is in her hands and happens at her discretion.  Ever hear the phrase “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?”  Well, there you go.  Anything we can dish out, Mother Nature can pay back a hundred times over and there is nothing we tiny, itsy-bitsy little insects can do about it.  We’re the ants to her magnifying-glass-wielding clutches, so nothing, is the answer.  I wouldn’t attempt to change a single Law of Nature and risk her wrath for all the cups of coffee in the known universe, no matter how superpower-amped or java-deprived I was.

Now, if you’d asked about Natural Law and how it pertains to human development and behavior, we might actually have something to talk about.

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