skipping rockAha! Turn away all you Doctor Who fanatics, I wasn’t talking about Amelia…

It’s 2:30 a.m.  The relaxed, still waters otherwise known as the pond of my life has been thoroughly disrupted by someone skipping rocks.  My book’s editing has to be 100% finished before the end of this month, with my copy editor going out of town in two days, and I am moving – hopefully – between now and mid-July.

It’s not keeping me up at night, I swear.  No… that would be the creative part of my brain that is running full steam ahead on the sequel to said book that I should be editing, instead of writing this post complaining about ripples in the water. (The cheesecake sampler slices I had for dinner, probably not helping.)

C’mere, you rock skipping maniacs!

I need more hours in a day, more money in the bank and a way to convince landlords that 2 cats from the same litter should only require ONE pet deposit.  😀  Look, they’re so cute and fluffy!

Apparently, I have a problem with head-hopping (switching POVs) too frequently in my book (I don’t get it), confusing for the readers it can be (now I’m channeling Yoda?) and so I have to read it – again – page for page to make sure that’s all cleared up, but anyone who’s ever published a book before can probably sympathize with me when I scream from the shallows of my raging pond: “I AM SO TIRED OF READING THIS DAMN BOOK!”

Seriously, though, please do buy it when it comes out, ’cause it’s really good.  I just don’t recommend proof-reading it 50,000 times in a single year…. kinda zaps all the fun right out of it.



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