Triple Lyric Tuesday

I’ve decided that I shouldn’t be held accountable for any posts I write between the hours of midnight and O:Dark:Stupid.  Especially under the influence of cheesecake.

Hope this week’s selection makes up for the random act of madness!

Breaking_Benjamin~ Away by: Breaking Benjamin

“So fly away
And leave it behind
Return some day
With red in your eyes

“I see you,
Cause you won’t get out of my way
I hear you,
Cause you won’t stop screaming my name
I feel you,
Cause you won’t stop touching my skin
I need you,
I’m coming to take you away…”


Silversun+Pickups~ Panic Switch by: Silversun Pickups

“And I’ll try, to hold on tight tonight.
Pink slip, inviting me inside.
Wanna burn skin and brand what once was mine,
But the refuse kept ripping them inside.

“If I go anywhere you want me to go,
How do I know you’ll still follow?…”


the-all-american-rejects-20090411-504092~ Straightjacket Feeling by: The All-American Rejects

“Back me down from backing up
Hold your breath now, it’s stacking up
Etched with marks, but I can deal
And you’re the problem and you can’t feel
Try this on, straightjacket feeling
so maybe I won’t be alone
Take back now, my life you’re stealing…”


*Note: I do not own anything pertaining to these songs.  All rights and copyrights belong to the artists and their respective labels.*

3 thoughts on “Triple Lyric Tuesday

  1. Hi, there.
    Just listened to ‘Silversun Pickups’. Lovely ‘rolling’ feel to this track. I detect some elements from ‘post-punk’ bands of the eighties (which is good).
    Still enjoying ‘Breaking Benjamin’ from an earlier post.
    Thought I’d pop up a couple of lyrics for you to peruse –

    ‘It’s like there’s a straight way you know, you know
    I’ve told you before it’s as thin as ice
    As thin as the razor snow
    Don’t freeze in the snow
    Don’t bake in the heat’

    ‘Subway’ by Pete Murphy

    ‘Because our lips won’t last forever
    And that’s exactly why
    I’d rather live in dreams and I’d rather die
    Because our lips won’t last forever
    And that’s exactly why
    I’d rather live in dreams and I’d rather die’

    ‘Live in Dreams’ by Wild Nothing

    Hope you can find these and give them a listen

    P.S. Just listened to ‘Dots and Dashes (Enough Already)’ and ‘Substitution’. Great tracks!


    • Both of these are great, Chris, thank you! Pete Murphy has that rare ‘stage voice,’ easy to tell he could be in theater or opera it is that amazing kind of quality. Reminded me a little of Geoff Tate from Queensryche in that sense, though their styles are different

      ‘Live in Dreams’ was very catchy, nice easy flow to it that one could listen to throughout the day.

      Another one of my favorites from Silversun Pickups is ‘The Royal We.’ Glad you’re enjoying them! 🙂


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