Sorry Sid, This One’s On Them

If you could clone one element from another city you’ve visited — a building, a cultural institution, a common street food, etc. — and bring it back to your own hometown, what would it be?  

That’s what the Daily Prompt is asking us this chilly, overcast – it’s supposed to be JUNE, but I’m okay, because it’s the last day of school – morning.

Despite being an Army brat, I really haven’t traveled that much.  Of the places I have been, nothing clone-worthy stands out in my mind.  When I lived in Texas, my cousin worked at an old-school style A&W where you stayed in your car and the waitresses brought your food out to you on roller skates, but that would get expensive and old after awhile.

In Indiana, the weather was so hot and humid it melted my pacifier to the dashboard of my grandpa’s truck.  I wouldn’t want to clone that weather.

Oregon has beautiful beaches and during the summer, all of the water along the coast can get as blue as a tropical island’s, but I live in Washington.  Puget Sound is 30 minutes away in either direction and I have only to drive west for a couple of hours to go Whale watching or fly kites while digging down on some homemade ice-cream and saltwater taffy.  Four hours to see sparkly vampires. 😐

I guess if I were to clone anything, it would be the Bavarian architecture from Germany.  We have no historical buildings where I’m from, and Leavenworth is a days drive over the pass.  I don’t know which building in particular I would like to clone, so I’ll leave that up to the magical, mysterious powers that are going to be accomplishing this spectacular feat for me.  It would be nice to have at least one sturdy, beautifully designed building to look at to remind us of a time when carpenters were actually craftsman of a highly skilled trade, that took pride in their work and not just slapped up flimsy, cookie-cutter houses in suburban hell then painted them different colors in order to tell them apart.



2 thoughts on “Sorry Sid, This One’s On Them

    • It’s the architecture of fairytales, and very romantic, I think. Unfortunately, I was too young to remember my time in Germany, but we have an entire Bavarian town here in Washington I really want to spend some time exploring. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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