Longest Day of the Year


…and it just seems that it’s here so fast this year.  I remember when I was a kid, we actually got 3 whole months of summer vacation.  Now my kids are lucky if they get 2, before it’s back to school time.  Since the last day of school keeps creeping closer and closer toward the end of June each year, I can’t help wondering if it’s the Department of Education’s way of getting that year-round schooling everyone voted against.  Kind of like building the new stadiums no one wanted and then upping taxes to cover it, anyway.

Okay, I’m done complaining about the jacked-up voting system for a moment.  All I know is that if my kids’ schools get any deeper into June before getting out when we RARELY ever have snow closures, I’m going to start homeschooling them.  Of course, this could also be said for the new and extremely illogical, inefficient Common Core program that I absolutely abhor.


Okay, now I’m done complaining.  Honest.  To answer the Daily Prompt’s question – my family has always celebrated the official arrival of summer with a big potluck bonfire.  Tonight will be no different, except for the fact that it will actually be on Summer Solstice and that’s an infrequent occurrence. Usually, it’s just the closest weekend to the actual date.  We’re flexible like that.

I’m looking forward to some good food, great company and star gazing out in the country.  It’s a magical night surrounded by evergreen forests, music in the air and even a castle in the distance…despite not being in any of the old kingdoms.  Our unique group of family and friends never need much provocation to gather and socialize, but in the Pacific NW, there’s always a more festive feel surrounding the few celebrations we actually get to have outdoors in nice weather.

So, no matter how you’re celebrating the longest day of the year, I hope you have an amazing time and that the weather lives up to the occasion! 😀

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