That Was a Wrong Turn

The Daily Prompt is asking: When was the last time you got lost? Was it an enjoyable experience, or a stressful one?Tell us all about it.


As I’ve done in the past, I’m going to take the liberty to use that prompt however I want.  I don’t generally get lost while driving, hardly ever go anywhere I’m not familiar with and I don’t consider passing the road, turning around and going back really getting lost.  I will say, however, I’ve learned that Google Maps is far more reliable than Mapquest.

Every writer knows that when the creative train is running, you jump on it and ride it until it leaves you crying in the dust.  Recently, I’ve been under the constant influence of one story in particular that I’ve totally screwed myself up on, by writing two different versions for it.  I know, I’m kicking myself royally!  You would think that I’d learned my lesson the last time I did that, but OH NO, it appears that I’m a glutton for self-wrought punishment.  The problem is that I really like both versions!

Due to this, I’ve been attempting to apply the art of blending, to incorporate all of my favorite parts of both books into one epic novel… and it feels like a hack job.  As I’m sitting there force-feeding the plot late last night, I realized that I hated it. My characters have been utterly deflated, going from deep and complex to shallow, cardboard cut-outs of their former selves.   It feels like I’ve definitely taken a wrong turn in the storyline and am now so far off track that the thought of going back over it makes my temples throb.  The unfortunate side-affect, is a complete derailment of that creativity train.  I can feel it quickly fleeing from my veins, and now that amazing story is going to return to its state of limbo, until my creativity energy decides to latch onto it once again.

So, no, Daily, I’m not enjoying myself.  The multiple wrong turns I’ve taken in the process thus far have put me in a very stressful place.  But, I haven’t given up yet.  I already have my map, the plot completely outlined, the direction I want the characters to go in – that they need to go in – in order for the series to work, is already charted.  I just loath the idea of scrapping 40,267 words and starting from scratch.  Sometimes, though, pulling yourself out of the flustering chaos of being lost and starting fresh from Point A is the only way to finally make it to Point B.  But, damn, that’s a lot of work…

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Indie Author of Erotic, BDSM,PNR, SciFi/Futuristic, and Dark Romance. I'm from the Pacific Northwest, drink far too much coffee, always root for the underdog, anti-heroes and shameless whores, I love hard ass Alphas and the strong women they'll move heaven and earth to claim. You can always find me in my writing cave, but it's not always wise to try and talk to me there, so make sure to sign up for my newsletter, instead!

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