Triple Lyric Tuesday

I haven’t been keeping up with these regularly, but hope y’all enjoy this week’s picks:

(p.s. If you’re not one to normally check out the videos I link to the song titles, you have to at least see Ed Sheeran’s, I thought it was the best video I’d seen in a long time.)



Give Me Love

Give me love like never before,
‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more,
And it’s been a while but I still feel the same,
Maybe I should let you go,

You know I’ll fight my corner,
And that tonight I’ll call ya,
After my blood is drowning in alcohol,
No, I just wanna hold ya.


mariataylor joshua_radin_2

When I Find You, I’ll Find Me

My only weakness, is knowing your secrets
and holding them close, and hold them tight
I know the way to silently make you
smile with my eyes, when you’re trying to fight



Just Too Close (To Love You)

You know I’m not one to break promises,
I don’t want to hurt you but I need to breathe.
At the end of it all, you’re still my best friend,
But there’s something inside that I need to release.
Which way is right, which way is wrong,
How do I say that I need to move on?
You know we’re heading separate ways.


*Note: I do not own anything pertaining to these songs.Β  All rights and copyrights belong to the artists and their respective labels.*

4 thoughts on “Triple Lyric Tuesday

      • Haha. I know what you mean. By the way, I followed your advice and watched ED SHEERAN’s video. It had me spellbound. Well worth taking a little time out of my day and watch and listen. The angel looked rather heartbroken: so many ways to interpret and a story awaiting to be written henceforth if only anyone takes the time to think it through. Thank you for adding it to my day πŸ™‚


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