I Submitted


Well, I did it! I submitted my second book to my editor, finally!  So, it’s a little later than Spring, but I do think I confessed to never sticking to my own self-imposed timelines.  I have to admit, that it is no less nerve wracking or intimidating to press that blasted ‘SEND’ button – even when you’ve already got an editor sitting there going “gimme, gimme!”

I’m biting my nails, waiting to hear what she thinks about the book and hoping that she likes it, feeling all of the same anxiety I felt when I submitted my first novel – only there’s more.  Now, there’s a pressure not to be disappointing.  Not to let someone who likes your work down, if the second book isn’t as great as the first!  Ugh…

Okay, moving away from that momentarily, I’ve also been learning new words lately.  I love expanding my vocabulary and especially when I happen upon words that are fun to say.  My oldest introduced me to the word Derpy.  My initial reaction was to laugh and think that it must be just another one of those slang words that kids of his generation are making up as they go along, but apparently it’s become popular enough to get a definition in the Urban Dictionary.

Derpy: Awkward or embarrassing, especially when pertaining to a person.  Can also mean foolish.

This is not to be confused with Dirpy: A conglomeration of the words “dirty” and “hippy”; a dirty hippy. A bearded boy who is more than likely an English or philosophy major and owns at least 12 pairs of Chuck Taylors. These elusive creatures can be sighted at coffee shops and Whole Foods Markets; they are more than likely vegetarians or vegans. He smokes weed daily, but only showers once a week.

I think I actually know a few Dirpies… hmm… Anyway, my learning didn’t stop there.  The book I submitted to my editor has a one word title.  A play on words, as it were, that also happens to be the name of an actual place in the story.  I had already started the second book to the trilogy, but was unhappy with the title, so I went to Thesaurus.com and put my brain to the challenge of finding just the right word that could double as a location/place.  And, I found it!

Unfortunately, I’m leery to share the word with you – it goes back to that little issue of pre-publishing – but I can give you a hint: It’s the name of a citizen from a Greek city in Southern Italy that was destroyed in 510 BC and the definition of the word has both literal ‘sensual’ meaning and connotations.  Have fun! 🙂

Now… back to biting my nails…

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