Act Your Age


Or don’t, who am I to judge?  Like many kids, I used to think that my parents had been born in their 30’s and that was OLD AS DIRT.  My grandparents were ANCIENT and had been alive during the dinosaur age.

As I, myself, grew older, I got the opportunity to meet people who were young and wise, old and immature, and some who teetered in between.  Age became unique to the individual, much like everything else that makes up their one-of-kind personalities.  Some people simply mature faster than others, and the reasons for that differ person-to-person, because everyone comes from different backgrounds.  Everyone’s story is their own.

It’s true that you can make generalizations.  That many people are ‘similar’ at certain periods in their life – Ugh! It’s the terrible two’s! – and that some people are simply ‘at that age’ – Oy! Rowdy baby-boomers!But, I let go of the assumption that all people of a certain age are the same long ago.  To answer the question more appropriately, Daily, Age is both.  It’s just a number and it’s something to care about… even if it’s only to celebrate that you’re still here, when you were more than likely told that “If you keep that up, you’ll be lucky to see the age of (insert age here).”


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