Nightmare Job

The Daily says: In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.

Medical team

I think there are just as many nightmare jobs as there are dream jobs.  The Discovery Channel even had a TV show called “Dirty Jobs” where the star would travel around the world and spend a day doing the worst jobs so that we could sit at home and screw up our faces in distaste and cringe at the horrible conditions he volunteered to put himself in.  Kind of like “Bizarre Foods“… I know I wouldn’t want that job! Blah!

So, as I’m trying to wrack my brain for what I would consider the number one, worst nightmare job of all time, I keep coming back to things like Crab Fishing or anything related to sewage/septic/manure.  Also, I don’t think I could ever be a karaoke machine operator… I have very sensitive ears – or a janitor at a county fair.  Ugh, see there are just too many to choose from!  Ah, I got it…

A nurse.

I applaud every single nurse out there, I think you’re awesome (unless you’re Nurse Ratchet), but you guys and gals have a nightmare job!  You’re overworked and underpaid, under appreciated, to boot!  Yet you deal with everything that makes me screw my face up in distaste and cringe, shudder, even get a little nauseated over – and that’s the foul things that secrete from the human body!  Blood, Feces, needles, incisions, protruding bones, staff infections, terminal illnesses… blood… ugh… ya.  Nurse is definitely my number 1 choice for Nightmare Job!  I’d much rather muck stalls!

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