I Wish I Had That Bumpersticker!

Hey, have you ever been driving along and saw a bumper sticker you liked, but thought you could make it better, or have a funnier/better response to some of them?  How about wishing you had a bumper sticker that would tell that jerk riding your tailpipe exactly how you felt???

Well, I don’t know how to make ‘real’ bumper stickers, but I thought it might be fun to share all of our ideas in a weekly blog post.  I’m going to start with the latter of what I suggested above, because I run into this problem more often than not…



Share your ideas in the comments below or if you’d like me to feature your idea in the next post, e-mail it to me at a_c_melody@outlook.com and I’ll turn it into a ‘fancy’ work of art like the one above!  🙂


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