Still Waiting To Start Over…

writer's blockYes, I know it’s Tuesday, but I don’t feel like doing Triple Lyric Tuesday today.  New ideas to keep my blog interesting and interactive are constantly keeping me up at night, but to be honest, it seems the only way to get a ton of comments and/or followers is to write about those topics that are controversial.  Sorry, I’m not going there.  This is my ‘professional’ blog, more or less and I find the news depressing, to boot.  Let the media worry about stirring up the proverbial shit bucket… I’d rather write about writing.

And that brings me to the point of today’s post.  Ever since I moved, I haven’t written a single thing.  It’s really bothering me.  I’ve tinkered by editing while re-reading the partial stories that I should be working on.  I can’t seem to take my creativity off “hold” now that the move is over and we’re more settled into our new routine.  I have the whole day long while the kids are in school to work… and I’m not working.  But my house is spectacularly clean! 🙂  I guess, that’s a bright side.

I’ve also noticed that even though we’ve been living here for 2 months now, we’re still waiting to start over.  My kids treat our new home like it’s some temporary perdition we have to get through before we can move back to our hometown 30 minutes away.  Though, they’ve both already made a ton of new friends – I understand that they still miss their old friends (and still spend a lot of time with them!)

Being an Army brat, I wanted my kids to have a more stable home, go to the same schools and such.  Now, I feel that by doing so, I may have robbed them of all of the experience I had growing up.  Of course, as a parent, we’re always questioning our choices.  Wondering if we’re doing the best we can.  The problem is that as much as I like our hometown and think it’s a good community, I’m starting to look back on it as one of those places that sucks your life away.  Maybe that’s extreme, and maybe it’s because I was an Army brat, I’m not sure.  I just know that the entire town feels stagnant to me.  Like there’s no way to move forward while living there.  I’ve always admired those who can just up and move clear across the country.  If it were just me, I may have attempted that, but I won’t take my kids away from all of their family.

One thing’s for certain, though… regardless of where I am, I have got to figure out how to get my creativity back in shape!  It’s so frustrating knowing exactly where you want to go with a handful of stories, yet not having the right juices flowing in order to get them there!  It’s like feeling the desire, having the ideas of a great Renaissance Master in your heart and soul, in your veins… and only being able to paint stick figures.  😐

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