Happy Anniversary!


Apparently, today is my and WordPress’s 1 year anniversary.  I’m a horrible blogger.  I didn’t get WP anything!  Not even a card.  Would Hallmark cover this kind of relationship, I wonder?  I mean, it seems like any other kind of relationship.  It takes time, patience, dedication and loyalty to successfully navigate the ins and outs, ups and downs of this world that I have built around WP.

I feel like I’ve put too many hours into it to just give up now, so I guess I should rightfully feel guilty for forgetting, especially when WP gave me this awesome trophy widget to express its gratitude for my on-going commitment.

Maybe, I can find a balloon somewhere in my left over party supplies…

1 year ago today, I wrote this as my very first WP post.  What was your first WP post?  Do you feel like your blogging skills have evolved since you started out?  For better or worse, or just completely different altogether?  Curious minds want to know, so leave a comment!

2 responses to “Happy Anniversary!”

  1. Happy one year blogoversary!


    1. Thanks Doobster! 🙂


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