Midnight Melodrama

AlphabetIt’s 13 minutes past the Witching Hour and I feel the pull of something profound trying to claw its way out of me, but my lexicon was never destined to be that extraordinary.  I find joy in simplicity, the way most find passion in vomiting excessively flounced-up adjectives.  I’m too lazy to wade through the plethora of purple prose to get to the meat of the subject.  I’m a carnivore, for the love of Pete! (Peat?)

I should have turned into a pumpkin by now, because heaven knows I’m too stubborn decisive to wait for a prince.  Besides, I’m currently fighting demons of the Elemental variety, when I’d rather just pinpoint a jugular and bleed them all over the page so I wouldn’t have to strain so hard to hear the totality of their feelings, to labor over unearthing the letters, by consonant and vowel, the elusive tools necessary to articulate.  The syntax.  Their syntax; as individual as their vernacular and clusterfucked as their personalities.

Yet, I can’t paint, so I write.  I’ve never used a loom, so I listen.  I’m an introvert, so I observe.  And I find beauty in the simple things that make people laugh and cry.  I’m fascinated by the diversity of our temperaments.  My mind’s a constant metamorphosis, seeing beyond projected facades to blatant flaws and hidden virtues; I am awe and I am sorrow, but I am never full.  My curiosity into the nature of everything Human is never less than it has ever been – good or bad – stark rawness to shadowed complexity.  I am quite content plying those layers like hands to silly putty, stretching and pulling to see just how far I can expand them into my fictional worlds to ground the supernatural might with roots of vulnerability.

Yes, I’d much rather tinker there, in the vital organs of purpose, than in the debate over literary styles and How-To Guides that swirl into that mind-numbing oblivion.  But now it’s way past Midnight and I am still waiting for my epiphany to happen so I can either go to bed, or finish deconstructing these two brobdingnagian capital cities just to appease one tiny little desert… Dammit, you made me expand my vocabulary!  Happy now? 😐

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