The Zen Lounge: First Book Review!

I just received my first book review ever and it’s actually not half bad! 😀

The Zen Lounge A.C. Melody 3 stars


The Zen Lounge takes place in a well- established futuristic society that’s a cross between Blade Runner and a bordello. It’s so well formed that I found myself wondering if there was a novel before this that I missed. It throws the reader in with very little explanation, which is a little daunting, and has some very dark moments that allude to sexual abuse. The romance is a bright spot though, and the sex shows how some darkness can lead to the light. This is great for those readers who crave some sci-fi in their romance, but they’ll have to deal with potentially playing catch up with the world building.

SUMMARY: Voryk Kade uses his vast wealth to live the life of a billionaire playboy. His rare acts of charity serve as a buffer to protect him from the guilt of his sister’s death and his wealth helps keep people at arm’s length. When a business rival tempts him into his pleasure house, the Zen Lounge, Voryk expects only to find information to take him down. But the woman he meets in the Lounge, Nexlana, is mute. Her presence opens a Pandora’s box of mysteries, along with the unexpected possibility of redemption. (EREDSAGE.COM, dl $4.99) Mary Bennings

Thank you, Mary Bennings at RT Book Reviews Magazine for the (mostly) positive feedback!

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