The 9th Sign

You’re tasked with creating a brand new astrological sign for the people born around your birthday — based solely on yourself. What would your new sign be, and how would you describe those who share it?


I feel like asking: “If it’s not broke, why fix it?”  But then, I’d be a spoil sport, right?

The problem is that I actually know a thing or two about Astrology and had a dear friend that would do Natal Charts, so know a little about how this system works and that it’s been around for thousands of years.  That the pie-shaped degrees slicing the ‘celestial sphere’ into 12 ‘signs’ and 12’houses’, which are ruled by 9 planets (yes, 9 for all who demoted poor Pluto) and are marked by constellation-inspired Sun Signs, is because of how the sun moves across them at certain times of the year.

Even the Native American Medicine Wheel took these heavenly movements into account when they devised their similar system of Totems and Clans.  (My Totem is the Owl and I belong to the Deer Clan).  The results of these efforts give us a general insight into our own personalities, habits and behavior.  General, being the key word.  The only way to get an exact horoscope, as it were, is to have your Natal Chart done, because this in-depth, personal print out of your entire life is taken from the exact time of birth, in the exact latitude and longitude location you popped into this world and everything that was happening in the heavens at that precise moment.  You’ll never get more insight into yourself other than that, the problem then lies in acceptance versus denial, but that’s a whole other can of worms.


So, here’s what I know.  I’m a Sagittarius, 9th of 12 Zodiacs, ruled by the planet Jupiter, with a Scorpio rising and no Grand Trine (GT’s are controlled by the 4 Elements.  All Sagittarians are Fire Signs, this is separate from the Grand Trines). Other Sagittarians out there may have 1 or more Grand Trines and let’s say, a Capricorn rising, rather than Scorpio.  These play a part in your overall personality type.  I’m not like other Sagittarians that I know, personally, but we do have a lot of similarities.  Scorpio influences some of my habits, good and bad. Not having any Grand Trines tends to lend me a calmer emotional level, since these can amplify the particular Element’s influence over your emotions/reactions.  Other Sagittarians may have been born on the ‘cusp,’ which means their birth date is toward the very beginning or the very end of their sign’s time, causing them to be born with personality traits from the pre or pro-ceding Zodiac.  I have a niece that was born on the Winter’s Solstice and displays traits from both Capricorn and Sagittarius almost equally.

Now, with all of the sciency stuff out of the way, time for the custom made Zodiac based ‘solely’ on myself.  Well, I’m a very creative type.  Not just in writing, but in drawing, painting, sculpting, designing, etc.  I also thoroughly enjoy learning.  My favorite subjects are ancient civilizations and cultures, myths & legends, world history, things along those lines.  I’m utterly fascinated by the world’s mysteries!  I couldn’t imagine a world without music.  I think that would be my own personal hell.  I can be lazy in a very feline way, even though I have no Leo traits that I’m aware of.  I can procrastinate on responsibilities, because I’d rather be dawdling in creativity and I’m a mild gamer, which I may have mentioned a time or two on here.  Just another way for my imagination to explore different worlds, outside of reading.  I prefer the types of games that combine puzzles with action, so my brain doesn’t go numb while playing.

With all of this in mind, I would have to say that the new Zodiac sign to replace Sagittarius (the Archer/Centaur/Arrow) would have to be Apollon Musegetes, aka The Muses (The Nine Pointed Star of the Muses).  Hope the other Sag’s out there don’t mind that change, but it’s official now, so no takesy-backsies.


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